Renew Carpet Shampoo & Renew Stain Remover

The RENEW Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning System is well established in Hire Outlets, Hardware Retailers, DIY Outlets, Dry Cleaners, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Bars, Clubs and Garages.

The system comprises of the RENEW super concentrated, specially formulated shampoo and stain remover used in combination with the Karcher Puzzi 100 Spray-Extraction machine to provide professional results. All at a fraction of the cost of contract carpet cleaning.

The RENEW Carpet Care System is designed to deep clean carpets, upholstery and other fabrics and leave them hygienically clean and refreshed with restored pile showing revived colours, all without undue wetting.

Over the years there have been many schemes to sell and promote Carpet Care Systems particularly where the carpet / upholstery cleaning machine is concerned. These range from a free machine if ordered with a vast quantity of shampoo at high prices to free electronic gifts, such as a clock/radio or CD player. There is also a loan scheme whereby the machine is loaned free of charge to the retailer providing they pay excessively high prices for the shampoo they order. We believe that the simplest and most cost effective method of managing a proficient Carpet / Upholstery Care System is to purchase at low cost, a reliable, robust, machine that is safe and easy to maintain whilst it performs well to provide a professional clean result. Add to this a well established and proven "all-in-one" shampoo at the lowest possible cost and you have a simple but very effective system with the minimum of outlay.

A full range of genuine spare parts for the KARCHER Puzzi 100 Spray-Ex carpet cleaning machine are available, as well as the branded alternatives - normally by next day delivery.

A full service and electrical check can also be arranged for a little as £25.00 - see our Spares page for details

The RENEW Carpet Care System therefore is well tried and tested and is used extensively in Carpet Care with an outstanding performance by now offering a complete modern , professional , deep clean carpet system at an affordable cost


All products are now available at almost trade prices on our RENEW Online SHOP